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Please follow these steps and submit all the forms required BEFORE you begin your first day of employment!

  1. Please have two forms of Identification (Ex. Drivers License, Birth Certificate or Passport) Please upload at the bottom of this page.

  2. Please complete the youth employment form ONLINE if you are under the age of 18. (See Instructions Below)

  3. Please complete the NC I-9, NC-4 and NC W-4 forms below and submit by uploading in your employee link that was texted and emailed to you.

  4. It is a requirement as a Lake Effects / CS Rentals employee to have your boaters license (completion of boaters safety course). By law, you must have a boaters license to operate a boat on Lake Norman if born in the year 1988 or after. If you already have completed your boaters safety course, please upload a copy of your certificate below. If you do not already have your boaters license, please complete this course ASAP at Once you have completed your boaters safety course, upload certificate below.

Please contact if you have any questions!


Youth Employment Form (online) Please submit if you are under 18 years old. Click on link below:


NC I-9 Form

i-9 - 2023
Download PDF • 921KB


NC W-4 Form

2024 w4
Download PDF • 190KB

NC4 Form

Form NC-4 - North Carolina Department of Revenue
Download PDF • 313KB


Once you have completed all of these forms, please upload to your employee link that we emailed and texted. We will be in contact with you if anything else is needed! If you have any questions you may email


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