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We will provide you with company shirts, this should be worn everyday and we recommend putting a backup in your car. Do not cut the sleeves or roll them up.


You may wear shorts, leggings, jeans etc. Please make sure length is appropriate and you look professional at all times.


You are welcome to wear tennis shoes, sandals or flip flops. Do keep in mind you will be on your feet a lot, so we highly recommend you wear comfortable and supportive shoes.


Please make sure your hair looks tidy. We do want to present ourselves to our customers the best we can.


You may choose any hat from inside our store. Qualified Captain, Lake Effects, Lake Norman. You may wear if you so choose. (Employees do get a 25% discount)


We recommend you arriving 10 to 15 min before your shift starts. Your shift begins at the time listed on your "When I work" app so you need to be fully ready to work by that time. We do not tolerate tardiness. Please be promt and account for any traffic etc. We highly depend on a team environment..

  • You must clock in and out at Lake Effects with your When I Work app. It will not let you clock in and out outside of the perimeter of the building. If for some reason you forget to clock in or out, please contact Sara by email to let her know immediately so that it can be corrected on your time sheet. (


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