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We manage Midway Marina and are responsible for its cleanliness and for outstanding customer experience.


Dock Hand
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Gas Docks Opening Procedures

  • Unlock gas pumps

  • Set up IPads

  • Test slack | Monday

  • Start music

  • Open Shed window

  • Put all water bottles in shed or over on table (not on pump or end table)

  • Gas and clean boats

  • Check all hatches for trash and debris

  • Check compartments for standing water and trash

  • Are all life jackets onboard and dry?

  • All boats have an anchor, 2 dock lines, 1 tube rope, 1 ski rope

  • Inside of boat: totally dry including windows, tables and dashes - free of spots - wax

  • Outside of boat is clean: free of spots

  • Wax ski boats and outside of pontoon boats and top of motors if needed

  • Return any infant, child or youth life jackets to their designated dock box

  • Return any cleaning materials back to the place you got them - keep dock boxes organized

  • Hang towels to dry on hooks, put away in dock box when dry

Parking lot Duties:

  • Walk around marina and such to pickup trash during free time

During each shift:

  • Keep dock boxes closed

  • No stray items on gas dock (keep it neat and organized)

  • No eating or chewing gum in front of customers

  • Take lunch breaks away from the gas docks.

At the turn arounds:

  • Determine who stays at gas docks and who is cleaning boats beforehand to avoid chaos

  • All boats cleaned: floors hosed and disinfected, clean seats, dry and wax dash, tables anything fiberglass

  • Check for any trash

  • Check for missing ropes, anchor, life jackets

  • Windshields streak free

  • Hang towels to dry on hooks, put away in dock box when dry

Gas Dock closing procedures:

  • Gas $ to office

  • Charge Ipads

  • Hoses up and locked

  • Close and latch dock boxes and tool box

  • All items stored in dock boxes in club area, lids closed

  • Close Shed Window

  • Check and empty trash in shed area if needed

  • Organize all sheds before you leave.

  • Gas and clean any boats that come in before you leave to help the ones working the next morning

Boat Club Members

  • Do not put boat member on boat unless you have received a slack notification

  • Make sure they know how to use app check in

  • Social conversation on the walk down (how’s your day going?, comment on something they are wearing, sports jersey etc, weather. If you recognize them, make them feel welcome by saying - good to see you again etc.)

  • Help them get on the boat, keeping the boat secured

  • Ensure they have all the equipment they have requested

  • Children are wearing life vests that fit

  • When they are ready to leave, untie boat and assist them out of their slip

Please instruct Boat Club member to:

  • Please return the boat to the gas dock for a fill up and then return it to the appropriate slip (show them the marker naming the boat and you can also show them the dock box number)

  • If they are not comfortable parking their boat independently, they may unload from the gas dock and we will return it (not our preference and not for after hours returns)

  • Ask them to leave any life jackets they have used on the seats, to ensure they are sanitized for the next person

  • Ask they remove all their trash and personal belongings before leaving

  • Remind them of bridges and no beaching: remind them that this is beneficial to both us and them

Returning After Hours Instructions:

  • Please return the boat to your designated slip and leave the key in the ignition


  • On the gas docks, When a boat comes INBOUND, all members should be standing and helping the boat. Never should anyone be sitting while there is a boat in the slip. Customers like to see a busy team and will reward you for it.

  • Do not eat down by the pumps in front of customers. We want you to have a un interrupted lunch and if someone is waiting for a slip and see you eating they can become upset.

  • One team member per boat club member. Better experience.

  • Please keep pumps open until we close.. If we close at 7pm that does not mean you clock out and leave at 7pm.. You clean up and get everything ready for the next morning. Clean pumps. etc.


  • Boats should be immaculate and dry. Final touches include all windshields and drivers console, tables and exterior. Remember ski boats need the outsides washed and waxed also. Motor cowlings need to be waxed often to keep water spots down.

  • Please make sure boats are secure and fenders out when they are tied up at the marina.


  • Obey all no wake zones be respectful. People know our boats.

  • When pulling up to house turn down music.

  • Do not say anything negative while pulling up.. SOUND TRAVELS MORE THAN YOU THINK.

  • Put fenders out and make sure boat is secure at the dock. Damage to boats from bad dock practices are very expensive for us.

  • Be respectful and courteous.. They are on vacation and we are here to make their time amazing.


  • Have all boats clean and ready with videos uploaded on each boat by 9am. Do not wait until 9:30am for the 10:00am ones.. People do come in early and sometimes the system is wrong. ALL BOATS PERFECT BY 9:00 AM

  • Some members will be uploading videos of pre departure, such as prop etc.

  • Double check all boats for prop damage, clean dashes, broken lights etc.

  • While waiting WAX WAX WAX


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